Robert Simpson

The Founder

Robert first discovered electric skateboards while travelling down the east coast of Australia. He was hooked but could only find extremely expensive boards or extremely cheap.

A thirst for business after University plus life on the road and the desire to create something awesome marked the start of Slick Revolution. The scene in Australia and the US was emerging but eboards were few and far between in Europe and the support, non existant. The goal was clear, to create high performing electric skateboards without the price tag or the frilly bits adding expense – unused apps and expensive, hardware brand collaborations.

try, try again

We knew we had to take manufacturing overseas to create the high performing but affordable boards missing from the market. Initially Slick Revolution began by retailing electric skateboards directly from our overseas manufacturer with only minor tweaks to their design.


In 2016, Russell joined the team and as an original skater and with a wealth of knowledge in manufacturing the team set about perfecting their own design to exact specifications, designed for the UK and Europe. The Flex-Eboard was born, with Rough Stuff wheels, a flexible battery case and continues to sell to this day.



Robert Simpson
About 1

The team


Robert is the founder of Slick Revolution and the driving force behind the revolution. When he’s not in the office you’ll find him out testing new designs and pushing the eboarding scene in the UK. He knows eboards inside and out and has been in the industry for 4 years.


Howard joined Slick Revolution in January 2018 to take over all things Media.
His photography and videography experience as well as website know how make him a valuable asset to the team. Howard shreds on the Flex-E 2.0 as well as roller skating in his spare time.


Kam joined the Slick Revolution team in August 2018 as the warehouse manager. A semi-pro skater, Kam recently took up electric skateboards and knows how to shred on both. Need something fixing? Kam is the man!

A Step-By-Step Roadmap To SR

2015 - 2019

Urban Carver electric skateboard
Urban Carver
Our customers wanted a full-length board with the lightweight and customisable Urban Range components, so we added one it!
Warehouse 2.0
It's safe to say after 2 years we had truly outgrown our first premises. Now 3x bigger for even better customer service.
About 2
Kickstarter Delivery
The 2019 range including the Flex-E 2.0, Urban Kick and Urban 80 drop in to customers around the world.
Kickstarter 2.0
We're ready to reveal the Flex-E 2.0, Urban Kick and Urban 80. Kickstarter 2.0 launches and gets funded in under 5 minutes!
velodrome bournemouth esk8 meetup
Velodrome Meet-up
Slick Revolution hold our first e-meet at Bournemouth Velodrome.
About 3
Urban Range
After more feedback from customers, we decided to start work on 2 more boards. The Urban Kick and Urban 80.
Flex-E 2.0
Flex-E 2.0
Development begins on our next board, the Flex-E 2.0
Howard Massey
Howard joins the team to take over all things media. The website, product designs, photos and video are all his domain.
jason bradbury slick revolution
Jason Bradbury
The SR team fly out to meet Jason Bradbury in Spain for a unique review of the Flex-Eboard.
Basement to Basepoint
Slick Revolution moves to a warehouse in Southampton. Things are growing.
About 4
Our First Kickstarter
Kickstarter 1.0 launches for the Flex-Eboard. Designed for the UK
Flex-Eboard electric skateboard
Flex-E & Rough Stuff Wheels
Work begins on the Flex-E and Rough Stuff Wheels. The eboard that the market is missing.
About 5
Level up
Russell Brammer Joins the Revolution with unrivalled expertise in deck manufacturing. He's the man behind our Carbon 6, Flex-E Carbon v1 & v2, Urban 80 and Urban Kick!
About 6
Enter Min-E & Max-E
The Off-Road Monster is discontinued 
in favour of lighter, sleeker Eboards.
First batch of the off-road monster arrives just in time for Christmas, The revolution truly begins.
Slick Revolution electric skateboard
The Beginning
The Slick Revolution Journey begins. 
Top spec eboards at an affordable price.
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Why Slick Revolution?

Our vision has always been to create top performing electric skateboards at an affordable price. High top speeds, long range and packed with awesome features. Since we began 4 years ago, nothing has changed in our pursuit of perfection.


- Located just outside Southampton
- Next day shipping and fast service
- Visit us to check out our range of electric skateboards and accessories


- Eboards for every ability and budget
- Pushing the envelope on design
- Huge variety and upgradeable parts
- Accessories and spares available


- Expert advice and industry experience
- Live website chat
- Available over the phone
- Visit our showroom near Southampton


- Approval from independent UK Test facilities
- TUV, RED, RoHS and CE certification
- Safe and trustworthy tech


- Approval from independent UK Test facilities
- TUV, RED, RoHS and CE certification
- Safe and trustworthy tech


- Regular updates on social media
- Weekly blog about all things esk8
- Local and UK meetups
- Join our facebook community – Slick Revolution Owners Club

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