Find Out What Is The Best Powered Longboard For You

What makes Slick Revolution the ones to choose for the best powered longboard in the industry? With reasonable prices, high-quality products and more, there is so much that we can offer to make your daily commute that much swifter to save you time during the day.

Travelling to work in the morning means dragging yourself out of bed at an unwanted time and walking slowly to work, only to complete the journey upon your return every day. With an electric skateboard from Slick Revolution you can have a faster commute and save time worrying about being late or having to deal with travelling through harsh weathers for longer periods of time.

Here are just two of the powered longboards we can offer to you from our vast range:

  • Want something small, compact and easy to store away? Take a look at the min-eboard! This board is 58cm long with the power to travel at a top speed of 32kmh. If you’re someone who requires something subtle for your commute, but still has the ability to help you travel fairly long distances, this is the board for you.
  • For those who live in an area with rough terrain and want something with the latest features, look to the flex-eboard! Comfort and smoother riding during your commute is what you can expect from this particular board. At top speed this e-board can reach 40kmh and now with the new LCD display, you can see your speed and battery readings live.

For more information about our electric skateboards, don’t hesitate to take a look around our website or give us a call on +44 (0) 2380 007 230 to speak to a member of our team.