Find Out What Makes Our Top Electric Longboard Worth The Purchase

Technology has come a long way since the discovery of electricity. Now with the invention of electric skateboards, you can make your experience even more exciting with a top electric longboard from Slick Revolution.

When it comes to E-boards, we focus on more than just the exterior look. Our electric skateboards have been manufactured with your requirements in mind to ensure they can perform and withstand certain things that you may want them to. From speed to the handle ability on rough terrain, we’re confident our motorized skateboards can be the perfect update to your skateboarding experience.

Our proud service doesn’t come without its praise. Over the years we have had much attention from the media for our exciting skateboard technology and been honoured to have our products reviewed by the itv, Dan Parsons, Upload Agency and many more prominent figures in the tech and skateboarding industry.

What was once thought to be an activity for youngsters has become a great benefit for those who desire a swifter journey throughout their life. Whether it’s returning back home after walking the kids to school or travelling to and from work during the day, our powered skateboards can be the perfect addition to minimise the time it takes to walk those shorter distances.

Slick Revolution are based in the UK. This means that once you order your own electric skateboard, you can have it delivered straight to your door as soon as possible. Better yet, to save you money, we’ll deliver the product to you when your order is over £50 for free!

We also have many international customers who seek our innovative E-boards for their use, so don’t hesitate to get in touch and discover more on our website about what we have available to you.