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Get Your Hands On One Of Our Luxury E-Boards In The UK

Your journey to work, university or similar doesn’t have to be a slow walk. Instead why not purchase one of the most effective travel solutions to make your journey even easier? Within our range of E-boards from the UK, you can have the ultimate travel option to give you a faster and much more impactful commuting method.

E-Boards guaranteed to give you that boost you need for short travel.

There are many different reasons to purchase an electric skateboard from Slick Revolution. Regardless of yours, we’re confident it can be the perfect addition to your busy day.

We have E-boards to suit various requirements and offer them at an array of prices to ensure you don’t have to worry about luxury costs. All you have to do is take a look around our online store, see which E-board you like and we can take care of the rest.

With many of our E-boards you can also have special customisation options to suit your needs, including the wheels and decks should you have a specific idea in mind for the style of the board itself.

Not only are you saving money on the board, but also the shipping too. Each board we offer comes with free shipping, meaning you can relax knowing there are no hidden costs and enjoy your E-board to the fullest.

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