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Take Your Skateboarding Experience To The Next Level With A Powered Longboard

Boost your skateboarding experience with a powered longboard from Slick Revolution. We have an extensive number of E-boards available to customers and are proud to present the latest in powered longboard technology.

The electric skateboard has come a long way since it’s appearance in the late 90s. Now after years of research, E-boards are a perfect addition for all leisure and working customers alike.

Whether you’re a regular city commuter who is looking for a more efficient way to travel to and from work or a casual rider interested in the latest E-board technology, our powered longboards at Slick can be perfect for meeting all skateboarding requirements.

We believe you deserve an honest approach from our customer service. That is why we provide as much information as possible about all our products to ensure you can find the right one for your needs. We also provide boards at various budgets so that you can focus on what is most suited to your said budget alongside your requirements.

Our boards have been praised across the globe for their innovative features and impressive quality. You can find a wide number of independent, honest and unbiased reviews from sites such as YouTube from customers who greatly enjoy our high-quality products. Go ahead and take a look now to see what people are saying about our E-boards and discover if ours are right for you.

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