Spend it Well at Christmas

This time our electric skateboards are set to feature on ITV’s How to Spend it Well at Christmas with Phillip Schofield.

Slick Revolution made it on TV.  – Again.

The three-part series launches on Sunday, November the 24th and kicks off with the ultimate gadgets! 

Tune in at 7pm on ITV to watch Phillip and wife Steph testing the latest gadgets and of course the Slick Revolution Electric skateboards. Phillip will be joined by coronation stars Jack Shepherd, Alan Halsall and Colson Smith. 

spend it well at Christmas

Merlin Axe Kevlar Shirt

New to Slick Revolution this month. 

We have been on the search for an armoured jacket for some time. There are some pretty expensive options out there which leave a lot to be desired in terms of fit and design. Slick Revolution are pretty adaptable and usually if something doesn’t exist we go out and make it. Enter stage left, MERLIN!

Merlin are well renowned within the motorbiking industry and if there is one thing they know about in the motorbike industry, it’s safety. Slick Revolution now stock the Merlin Axe Riding Shirt. They call it a shirt, but its button up, zip up and more of a jacket. We didn’t want to invest our own time and resources in to designing a new jacket when one was already available from a UK based company.

Why we went for Merlin:

Experience in the industry


Price Point

The Specs

Merlin Axe Riding Shirt

The Merlin Axe Kevlar Riding Shirt provides motorcycle specific protection under the guise of a flannel button up. DuPont™ Kevlar® lining throughout the shirt provides abrasion resistance with CE rated impact armor at the elbows and shoulders. Upgrade the impact protection by adding in an optional CE rated back protector.


  • 100% DuPont™ Kevlar® protective lining throughout
  • Removable CE approved shoulder and elbow armor
  • Mesh lining for improved comfort and air circulation
  • Pocket for optional back protector (sold separately)
  • YKK center front zipper with snap stud closure flap
  • Snap stud closure at cuffs and chest pockets
  • YKK jacket-to-pants connecting zipper
Merlin Size Guide
Merlin Size Guide

The Merlin Axe Shirt wil be available in Grey, Red, Green and Blue/Black with Large and Extra Large available.

Check out the shirt here: https://slickrevolution.co.uk/product/merlin-axe-kevlar-shirt

Bigger wheels on a Boosted Board

So you’ve got a Boosted Board but youre stuck with the same small wheels? Look no further than the conversion kit:


This kit was designed to allow the ABEC core from all of Slick Revolutions range as well as many other brands of wheel. So you can fit bigger, softer, harder and pretty much anything out there on to your boosted board. Swapping is really simple and only requires you to remove the old pulley, slot on the new pulley, retighten the belts and add in your new wheels. 

The conversion kit works with all V2 and newer boosted boards. On the Mini S and Mini X you will need to check for wheel bite depending on the size of wheel. 

We made a handy installation guide for you below. 

Boosted Conversion Pulley Kit

Got any queries about wheel compatibility or how to put bigger wheels on a boosted board? Send us an email to info@slickrevolution.co.uk

Check out our new Foamies here too: https://slickrevolution.co.uk/product/slick-revolution-120mm-foamies

Go Kart Track Day

We took over Brighton Go Kart track for a few hours and invited the electric skateboard community along to shred the 800 meter outdoor track. Needless to say, it was awesome! Thanks to all those who came and made the event so great! Thanks to QLeisure, Brighton for hosting the event as well as Ruroc, Ride and Glide and Shred-lights for sponsoring the event. Next year will be bigger and better than ever!

Urban Carver and some big announcements this week!

Urban Carver

Just announced, we are adding another board to the Urban Mix. The Urban Carver. At 90cm long and based on our original Flex-E Carbon Deck (but now in maple and fibre glass composite) the Urban Carver is our mid range longboard. Longer than the 80 and without the Kicktail of the Kick, the Urban Carver is a sort of Flex-E 1.5, boasting the impressive speed and range of the Urban boards in a longboard length. Of course, available with the new Foamies. check it out here: https://slickrevolution.co.uk/product/urban-carver-electric-skateboard/

Fancy a change to your Urban Board? The Urban Carver is also available as a deck only. Check it out here: https://slickrevolution.co.uk/product/2019-decks/

Urban Carver electric skateboard


The first 120mm Foamies are out with Youtubers, instagrammers and general esk8 enthusiasts. There should be plenty of reviews popping up soon so you know exactly what to expect from the new wheels. For more info check them out here: https://slickrevolution.co.uk/product/slick-revolution-120mm-foamies. We are expecting them to arrive to our warehouse in the first week of September.

Slick Revolution Foamies 120mm urethane wheels

Boosted Conversion Kit

The long awaited conversion kit for your Boosted Board. Swap out the small orangutangs for many 6 spoke core wheels. Including all of Slick Revolutions range and many more. Change your riding style and try something new. Each pack contains 2 pulleys (56 teeth each) as well as the larger pulley bearing, plus some additional spacers to create enough space between the wheel and belt guard.


Wheel options

All eboard wheel options have now been updated to Slick Wheels only, Rough Stuff Wheels only and Foamies only. We have gotten rid of the combo pack of slicks and Rough Stuff with many riders favouring one or the other. Three choices, nice and simple.

New Premises

We have moved and can now be found at:

Slick Revolution. Unit 13 Belbins Business Park, Cupernham Lane, Romsey  
SO51 7JF

We are still unpacking and sorting things out but it wont be long until we are fully up and running. A real destination for esk8ers!

Slick Revolution Ethos

Adapt or Die

This is true for many businesses including the electric skateboard industry. Things are moving so fast that companies come and go. New customers have lost almost all trust in electric skateboard crowdfunding campaigns after so many scams and 3 year waiting times! So the only real way to emerge in the market and stay ahead is to keep on innovating and provide outstanding customer service – all in a days work for Slick Revolution.

Even some of the big boys are only just switching to 18650’s and only releasing new models every 4 years, they’ve lost out on a lot of the market not sorting issues sooner and letting the likes of us to match their specs and take their market. Others are diversifying into Scooters, still innovating I guess, but to something much much less cool. You know that 🙂

Slick Revolution continue to adapt not just in our electric skateboards but with accessories too, which brings me on to our next brand ethos…

adapt or die slick revolution

If it doesn’t exist, create it. If it exists badly, do it better.

There are a ton of electric skateboard brands out there, some good, some great, most bad. Many use off the shelf stock parts from China (nothing wrong with that, it’s how we started) but this model no longer works, there is just too much crap out there. Rather than settling for inferior parts, Slick Revolution now manufacture our own unique parts. No longer relying on others which don’t do the job as well. We were the first to develop an intentionally flexible battery case, now copied by many.

Yeah there are plenty of esk8 backpacks and bags out there, are any of them perfect? No, so we designed and created the perfect one which launches in September of this year and not wanting to leave anyone out, it works with all brands of electric skateboard.

Does the perfect esk8 wheel exist? No. The new Foamies are pretty close using all the benefits of the grippy urethane and comfort of an all terrain wheel. We didnt just want to stick some bigger slick wheels off the shelf at 100mm and rebrand them. We stood back and thought how we could create something truly special and we did it. More info on the Foamies very soon.

slick revolution idea

Great customer service is cheap, bad customer service is expensive

What do we mean by this? Offering great customer service, is keeping up with emails, answering phone calls, sending tracking info and repairing boards super fast. All fairly straight forward and all cheap to do, but it takes effort. Bad customer service costs the business in poor reviews, annoyed customers and reduced sales. Not what anyone wants.

Check out over 125 5* reviews on trustpilot. Our main rival removed trustpilot from their site after quite a few 1 stars. Have a quick google, it makes for interesting reading. Our great customer service has helped us stand out and is one of the reasons we are growing and growing. Why buy abroad with no support, noone to call and no help when you need it?

customer service slick revolution

Wear a lid, it protects the brains behind Slick Revolution

We want to encourage safe riding wherever we go, riding without a helmet is pretty stupid. If you think you don’t need a helmet, you either arent riding hard enough or youve been extremely lucky so far. If you’ve esk8ed for a while you’ll know that some things are out of your control, that pothole you didn’t see, the dog darting out from behind a bush or the lapse in concentration.

The SR team always wear helmets at the very least, if we are riding somewhere new or more dangerous (45 degree velodrome) we will pad up too. It’s simply not worth the risk to look ‘cooler’ without a helmet, plus our triple eight helmets look pretty awesome. What doesn’t look cool is a serious head injury or worse. We look after ours and you should look after yours!

slick revolution helmet

We will take over the world, 1 electric skateboard at a time

It’s happening, we are growing and growing, the Revolution is here. Come to our new HQ and see what its all about.

slick revolution taking over the world

Join the Revolution here

Electric Skateboard on an 800 meter Go Kart Track

Its the big one! An electric skateboard meet up at an 800 metre newly resurfaced outdoor Go Kart Track! The SR team are super excited to invite you all to our latest Summer event. Perfect, newly refurbished tarmac with dozens or corners, hairpins and straights.

Saturday the 17th of August 2019

Riding starts from 6 pm to 8pm, meet from 5pm, food and drink is available on site.

Brighton Karting
London Road
West Sussex

The Go Kart track is just 6 miles north of Brighton.

All eboards are welcome, no helmet, no ride. £10 a head to ride and we will have a wrist banding system. We will have some demo boards available to try but numbers are limited. We will allow these to be used in 3 lap slots. Please do not bring drones as they will not be allowed to fly due to the proximity of the nearby main road.

Sponsors: Ruroc Helmets
3 brand new helmets in the RG1-DX range are entered in to our raffle! Come along and don’t miss out!

Shredlights: Brand new SL200 pack to giveaway too!

Spread the word and lets make this the biggest electric skateboard event ever!

Sign up at the event here

electric skateboard go kart track

New HQ. Slick Revolution onwards and upwards

So the time has come to move – again. For those of you who have called in to our premises at Basepoint you will know that our current place is a little small for purpose and we have now definitely outgrown it. 

Bring on the new HQ! Just a couple of miles away from our current premises near Romsey, Southampton. 

About the new HQ.

The new HQ is roughly 4 x the size with 7 x the floor area of our current premises (Unit 49). It’s got quite a few different areas and we want it to become a hub for electric skateboards. A place to hang out, recharge and relax. Its also links up with the Sustrans national cycle network. So perfect riding out of the door!


Office – Where all the magic happens, computers, emails and phone calls. The brains of Slick Revolution. Here you can check out some of our signed decks, the timeline/history of Slick Revolution and some of our oldest decks and parts plus how we have progressed over the years.  

Recharge– Grab a coffee or beer and chill out on our retro gaming consoles and comfy sofas. Hang your electric skateboard up to recharge ready for your next ride. 

Display – Admittedly the most awesome part of the new HQ. See all of our latest boards and products. Plus take them for a test ride. Chat to the team and find the best electric skateboard for you. 

Repair and Packaging – The boring but essential part. Getting riders back up and running as soon as possible and getting new riders their boards and accessories sent out. It all happens in here.

Development and Printing Area – Vinyl Stickers, Custom T shirts and 3D printing, if it doesnt exist, create it.  If it exists badly do it better. 

We are super excited about the move as Slick Revolution grows and grows. Taking over the world 1 electric skateboard at a time. 

Call in for a coffee or beer and find us here: (from Early August)

Slick Revolution
Unit 13 Belbins Business Park
Cupernham Lane

Just 10 miles from Southampton with easy road and train connections.

We hope to see you there at our Summer Party!

Electric Skateboard Backpack

Why did we create this backpack.

There are a few brands of electric skateboard backpack out there, some of really poor quality and often break within a few weeks, others super expensive. A great esk8 backpack company did go out of business and so we decided it was time to throw our hat into the ring.

We wanted a quality electric skateboard backpack that doesn’t break the bank with great features and easy to use. Design work began on the bag in February of 2019 and some final designs were reached by early May. We created plenty of polls and gathered tons of feedback on what everyone wanted from a new bag suitable for all brands. Although our new backpack is Slick Revolution branded, the logos are removable so if you’re an evolve, boosted or other electric skateboard rider, you can add your own or ride with a blank bag.

What features does it have?

The way in which the board fastens in to the bag is using a hard shell sitting against your back and internal straps to hold the board securely. We opted for Fidlock attachments throughout the bag for super fast attachment and adjustment. Plus a strap supports your trucks from underneath for extra support and no chance of your board slipping down.

One valuable piece of feedback we received was the average value which esk8ers typically carry when riding. We don’t have exact figures but, add a laptop, camera and a couple of lenses or a drone and the value inside the backpack rises pretty sharply. Your gear needs to be protected from normal use as a backpack but also the possibility of falling off while riding.

Alternatives currently out there are thin and non protective, the new SR bag is padded throughout with an orange microfleece interior, to easily locate small items and keep your gear safe. (camera gear is typically black so the orange colour helps you to easily locate things. Plus its removable partitions allow you to swap out the configuration depending on what you are carrying.

The rear of the bag is accessed via a large zip and all of the zips are size 10YKK, chunky and strong. A 25 litre capacity is more than enough for a day or weekend trip and the bag is 50cm tall  x 32cm wide x 18.5cm deep.

A sternum strap keeps your bag locked on and removable hip straps help to keep the bag rock solid while you are riding or moving about. The back of the bag is padded using airmesh for comfort and breathability. A tarpaulin bottom panel keeps your gear safe from damp ground and road spray while riding.

A small side pocket is large enough for your remote and it features an internal eyelet allowing you to pass a USB cable through and charge your tech on the go from your SR eboard.

2 aluminium handles, 1 on the top and 1 on the side allow you to easily pick up the bag and carry vertically or horizontally. The aluminum handle are popular with brands like Lowe Alpine and Berghaus because they’re strong, comfortable and don’t pinch your hand under a heavy load unlike fabric handles do.

On the back of the bag you’ll find 4 straps. 3 main straps can be used to secure helmets, jackets etc. and are adjustable plus clip on with G Hooks. The 4th strap is a pullout and retractable strap which can pass through a helmet vent holes or strap to truly lock down your helmet to your bag which can be further secured with the other straps. Next to the straps you’ll find a vertical zip pocket for additional storage.

Reflective features on the back include the vertical zip, lowest strap and the SR logo, helping you be seen at night.

The Fidlock elements are german engineered and really cool, they magnetically lock together and the force is held mechanically, fast, simple and strong. The sternum, hip and internal straps all use Fidlock components.

More updates coming soon, along with the world’s best electric skateboard bag!