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Klarna Finance in Website Guides
Jan 23rd 20

How to order and view your finance options...

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Wheel Size Select in Advanced Wireless Controller
Jun 20th 18

Tap press the ON/OFF button to select Wheel size Use the control wheel to swap between 83mm (Slick Wheels) and 110mm (Rough Stuff Wheels). This gives a more accurate speed output due to the wheels' di...

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How to change currency in Website Guides
Nov 28th 19

Mobile Desktop...

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Shredlights Install Guide in Shred Lights
Apr 29th 19

Install GuideDownload...

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Age and Weight Restriction in Safety
Oct 1st 18

We do not recommend that our skateboards are used by riders under 20kg or over 120kg in weight. The minimum user age is 16 years old....

Minimum age
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Downloadable Instruction Manuals in Hardware Support
Aug 22nd 18

Click the links below to download a PDF copy of our instruction manuals. Slick Revolution - Flex-E 2.0 & Urban Range Slick Revolution - Advanced Controller Manual Slick Revolution - Flex-E, Min-E & Ma...

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Installing the Advanced Wireless Controller Chip in Advanced Wireless Controller
Jul 26th 18

Here is a quick tutorial on how to install the Advanced Controller Printed Circuit Board (PCB) or Chip. Installing the advanced controller chip will not void any remaining warranty although we can not...

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Troubleshooting in Advanced Wireless Controller
Jun 20th 18

In order for all of the controllers functions to wok correctly you must install a small chip in to the PCB (printed circuit board) of your electric skateboard. We will be making a video to show how to...

andy black slick revolution
Foot braking in Starting to Ride
Feb 20th 18

No matter what experience of eboards you have had before we recommend that you learn the art of footbraking, taking one foot off the deck and rubbing the sole of your shoe against the ground to slow d...

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Bushings in Basic Maintenance
Feb 20th 18

The rubbery bits which sit under the kingpin on your trucks make turning quiet and soft, they take the force of the turn and should be replaced if turning becomes sloppy. There are various hardness...