Slick Revolution Adapt or Die Tee


Material: 100% cotton

  • Regular Fit
  • Short Sleeve

Sizes: Adult M / L / XL

Inspired by our brand ethos:

Adapt or Die

This is true for many businesses including the electric skateboard industry. Things are moving so fast that companies come and go. New customers have lost almost all trust in electric skateboard crowdfunding campaigns after so many scams and 3 year waiting times! So the only real way to emerge in the market and stay ahead is to keep on innovating and provide outstanding customer service – all in a days work for Slick Revolution.

Even some of the big boys are only just switching to 18650’s and only releasing new models every 4 years, they’ve lost out on a lot of the market not sorting issues sooner and letting the likes of us to match their specs and take their market. Others are diversifying into Scooters, still innovating I guess, but to something much much less cool. You know that.

Slick Revolution continue to adapt not just in our electric skateboards but with accessories too.

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