Slick Revolution SR Helmet Tee


Material: 100% cotton

  • Regular Fit
  • Short Sleeve

Sizes: Adult M / L / XL

Inspired by our brand ethos:

Wear a lid, it protects the brains behind Slick Revolution

We want to encourage safe riding wherever we go, riding without a helmet is pretty stupid. If you think you don’t need a helmet, you either arent riding hard enough or youve been extremely lucky so far. If you’ve esk8ed for a while you’ll know that some things are out of your control, that pothole you didn’t see, the dog darting out from behind a bush or the lapse in concentration.

The SR team always wear helmets at the very least, if we are riding somewhere new or more dangerous (45 degree velodrome) we will pad up too. It’s simply not worth the risk to look ‘cooler’ without a helmet, plus our triple eight helmets look pretty awesome. What doesn’t look cool is a serious head injury or worse. We look after ours and you should look after yours!


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