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Slick Revolution video content you want to see in 2018


Slick Revolution video content you want to see in 2018

From February onwards Slick Revolution plan to post a video at least every 2 weeks, hopefully weekly, about various things happening at Slick Revolution.

Here are some of the broad ideas for the things we want to feature:

Electric Skateboard Maintenance Series.

Following on from our 5 part series last year we are looking to continue the series with some of the following titles.

  • How to oil your bearings
  • Important things to check before every ride
  • General maintenance and upkeep of your electric skateboard
  • Battery swap on the Flex-Eboard
  • Flex-Eboard wheels swap and tuning

Live Q and A

We are hoping that these may be a monthly feature, perhaps on the same day and time every month. Send us questions beforehand, send us questions during the feed, we will answer anything and everything you throw at us about Slick Revolution and electric skateboarding in general. We did a live Q and A for the Flex-board kickstarter and over 300 people tuned in during the hour that we were live.

Information Series

  • Basic battery configuration and how an electric skateboard works (We may do a more advanced techy one about batteries, battery configurations etc. if people would like to hear about all that)
  • A bit more about the business and our vision for the future
  • How did it all start, where are we now, where is it going
  • Eboard legality across the UK and further afield
  • New eboards, new controller, new anything at all updates and announcements
  • Flex-Eboard and kickstarter – what we learnt and what we would do differently next time
  • Carbon Deck technology – explained
  • Deck Hook, features and uses
  • A video on what videos you want to see! A bit like this blog but in video form! Perhaps a Q and A inviting suggestions

Riding Series

  • Beginning to ride – tips and advice
  • Advanced rider – tricks and advanced skills
  • Safe riding tips
  • Efficient riding tips

Some of the above content has been covered in our other blogs but we really want to get them on the screen for obvious reasons – more fun to watch, easier to describe and demonstrate etc. etc. Video is great, you know that!

Check out our Youtube channel here


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  1. Chase
    18th January 2018

    100% go for it, it’s an awesome idea – maybe try and include your community also via video submissions on there experiences or something (I dunno lol) and I dare say there’s a range of tech know how amongst us so more detailed stuff will certain be great for some of us!

    • SlickRevolution
      18th January 2018

      Thanks Chase! Great idea, maybe you could help spearhead community involvement through your channel? Have you checked out Slick Revolution owners Club on Facebook too?

  2. TheDaveShow
    18th January 2018

    Need some fun/challenge videos as well 😉

    • SlickRevolution
      18th January 2018

      We’ve got a pretty funny video coming soon. The Flex-Echair, thats all I can say for now.

  3. Pave l Garmas
    18th January 2018

    A video covering all Slick Revolution top supporters and fans!

  4. GoProBroUK
    18th January 2018

    This will be amazing , an awesome way for people share their experiences with the boards and pass on hints and tips .

    I would love to hear more about board maintainence.

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