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Carbon Fibre Electric Skateboard (Carbon Fiber for our American Cousins)

Carbon fibre electric skateboard flex-e 2.0

The Flex-E 2.0 Carbon Fibre Electric Skateboard is soon to hit the shelves and boy are we excited. Here is a little more info on what makes this the greatest electric skateboard deck in the world (our humble opinion of course, until the reviews start rolling in and it becomes confirmed). The signature carbon deck […]

Carbon Signature Deck

Designing and prototyping of the Flex-E 2.0 Carbon Deck is underway. The first ones will be available soon and believe me when I say, this is the best electric skateboard deck on the market, hands down.  Here is a little more info, for now we don’t have any photos but should have some very soon.  […]

Deck Choice, Carbon vs Bamboo Flex-Eboard

bamboo vs carbon e board

Bamboo Deck Our Bamboo Flex-Eboard is made from 7 layers of laminated bamboo. Bamboo is lightweight, very strong but also flexible. The bamboo deck offers a comfortable ride and soaks up bumps nicely without too much riding discomfort. Bamboo is more regularly used over maple as it is fast growing and much more sustainable than […]

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